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How to do a breast self-examination

When? A breast self-examination can be conducted just after your period ends as the breasts will not be tender and less engorged, hence they are easier to examine. For post-menopausal patients, anytime is fine. Before examining your breasts: Check for any anomalies in the following positions: Standing in front of the mirror with arms hanging […]

Screening for Ovarian and Uterine Cancers

Ovarian Cancer Ovarian cancer presents symptoms usually in the advanced stages, making it difficult to diagnose at a early stage. Only around 20% of ovarian cancer cases are detected at a localised stage when the cancer is still small and has only spread a little into nearby tissues that is It has not spread to […]


Ovarian cancer is the fifth commonest cancer in Singapore women and the second most common cancer of the female genital tract. Majority of the ovarian cancers are diagnosed at late stage and hence it is a silent killer. If diagnosed and treated early, there is a good chance of a cure, with 90 – 95% […]

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Women’s Health Screening

Even if you feel fine, you should still see your gynaecologist for regular check-ups. These visits can help you to avoid problems in the future, as many diseases and conditions do not show any symptoms in their early stages. The breast and cervix are organs that are easily accessible and proven screening tools are available. […]