Abnormal Pap Smears:

Understanding Your Results and What’s Next

Pap Smears, HPV DNA Tests & Cervical Cancer Screening in Singapore

What is a Pap Smear & HPV DNA Test?

A pap smear or HPV test is a test to screen for cells on the cervix that may have the potential to become cancerous in future. These are called pre-cancerous cells. A pap smear is able to pick up cancerous or non-cancerous related changes. Early detection of these changes is important because they can be effectively treated with early detection.

Understanding Your Pap Smear or HPV DNA Test Results

There are three possible outcomes.

  1. The most probable outcome is that the smear was normal, and no further action is required until the next scheduled examination.
  2. In some cases, the smear may be deemed ‘inadequate.’ This should not be confused with an abnormal smear. It simply means that an insufficient number of suitable cells were collected for testing, necessitating a repeat procedure.
  3. Finally, the result may be abnormal. It is important to note that this very rarely indicates the presence of cancer. More commonly, it suggests that there have been detectable changes that warrant either closer monitoring or treatment at a hospital clinic.

Abnormal Results - What’s Next?

If your Pap smear/HPV DNA results are abnormal, your doctor will discuss it with you and recommend further evaluation. It may include additional testing, such as colposcopy or HPV testing, to assess the extent of abnormalities and guide treatment decisions. It does not mean you have cancer but could indicate that there are pre-cancerous cells present.

Treatment Options If Pre-Cancerous Cells are Detected

There are several ways to treat pre-cancerous cells on the cervix. Not every woman will require the same treatment. The doctor will identify the most suitable treatment and discuss this with you.

1. LEEP (Loop Excision Electrical Procedure)
LEEP is performed using a fine-heated wire loop. An electrical current is passed through the wire loop and this is then used to cut away the abnormal area on the cervix.

2. Cone Biopsy
A cone biopsy is a minor operation where a small piece of the cervix, in the shape of a small cone containing abnormal cells, is removed from the cervix using either a laser, a surgical knife or by electrosurgery.

3. Laser Vaporisation
This procedure involves using a laser beam to destroy the area where the abnormal cells are on the cervix.

4. Cold Coagulation
Cold coagulation is a simple procedure which is usually performed in a colposcopy clinic. The area with the abnormal cells on your cervix is heated away using a hot coagulation probe. The procedure takes about 45 to 60 seconds.

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