An Experimental Gestational Diabetes Insurance without the Need to Make Claims

Aug 2018 Events

Contributed by: SMG Women's Health Editorial Team

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SMG Women’s Health is proud to be the group O&G partner in Singapore for the world’s first health insurance for Gestational Diabetes (Vitana) using blockchain technology. This is an MAS-approved sandbox project led by MetLife, a US-based insurer.  

Vitana, is Singapore’s first dedicated insurance product for gestational diabetes, which affects 1 in 5 pregnant women in Singapore. Although common, gestational diabetes should not be taken lightly as complications can affect both mother and baby and can lead to unexpected additional medical expenses during pregnancy and delivery.

How does Vitana work?

In summary, Vitana securely connects to customers’ electronic medical records via their mobile devices to issue a policy within minutes. It triggers an automatic payout upon diagnosis, without the need to make a claim.

As such, the benefits that it offers for pregnant mothers include:

  • Fuss-free and fast sign-up through an app download
  • Financial protection against gestational diabetes
  • Claims-free process for direct reimbursement by insurer

Vitana is currently being offered at the following O&G clinics under SMG Women’s Health for a trial period of 6 months:

Please check with our participating clinics on more details if you are interested. 

Vitana’s Media Event Highlights

On 20 August 2018, Dr Watt Wing Fong from The Obstetrics & Gynaecology Centre was invited to Vitana’s Media Event at MetLife’s office as the medical expert for gestational diabetes. Her sharing and expertise on medical disorders during pregnancy helped explain why gestational diabetes was chosen as the condition for coverage using this innovative insurance technology. 

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