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Are you looking for a gynae because you a) just learnt about your pregnancy, b) have an intimate women’s issue that you need specialist help for, c) want to do a regular check of your reproductive system or d) are planning for a baby or needing contraception?

Searching for a gynae that can meet your needs sounds simple but is actually quite overwhelming for some ladies. To make things easier for you, here are some quick tips on how to find an obgyn doctor!


1. Ask Yourself: “What are you seeing a Gynae for?”

It is important to first establish what you need a gynae’s help for so that you can narrow your search to look for a gynae who has the expertise or experience in that specific area of care you require. For example, if you have a complex gynaecology issue like recurring endometriosis or infertility problems needing IVF, there are O&G specialists who are further trained to manage such conditions.


2. Decide If You are Going Public or Private

Here in Singapore, there are O&G specialists in both the public sector e.g. KKH as well as in the private sector. There are pros and cons of each option, including waiting time to see the doctor, ease of getting an appointment, government subsidies and the range of complementary services available.

Understand how each option can meet your needs and/or personal preferences, so that you can narrow down your search to either private or public doctors.


3. Can You Take Time Off Work to See Your Gynae?

With most ladies working nowadays, taking time off from work can be challenging for some of you, especially if you’re pregnant and require monthly gynae visits or undergoing assisted reproductive treatments and require frequent follow-up during a treatment cycle.

While Saturday appointments are great options for working ladies, did you know that there are also O&G specialists who run weekday evening or lunchtime clinics too? You can consider these options to suit your work schedule without compromising your gynae visits.


4. Is Travelling to See Your Gynae Inconvenient?

While Singapore is a small country that allows you to reach a destination in less than an hour most of the time, traveling to a clinic near your home or workplace can make a big difference especially when you are pregnant or are starved for time. A smaller but still useful advantage is also being able to save on transportation costs, whether you are taking public transport, calling a cab or driving to see your doctor.


5. Check Out Online Reviews and Get Referrals from Friends/Family

Did you know that most ladies choose their ObGyn through referrals from friends and family or even online reviews by strangers?

If the gynae you are planning to visit is referred to you by a family or friend, simply ask them about their experiences and what they thought about the doctor. If this is not available to you, there are many reviews available online via platforms such as GoogleMyBusiness and forums that can help prepare you and set expectations before you see the specialist. It is however important to keep in mind that different people have different expectations and demands.


6. If You’re Pregnant, Do You Have a Preferred Hospital to Deliver At?

If you plan on delivering at a specific hospital due to costs or personal reasons, , it might be helpful to check ahead if your preferred gynae is accredited to practise at your preferred hospital.


7. Ease of Getting an Appointment

If it is your first pregnancy, we understand that it can be a worrisome experience when it is hard to get an appointment with the gynae. To ensure you get your preferred appointment date and time, do try to book your appointment in advance or look for a clinic that is able to meet your needs.


8. Are You Comfortable with Your Gynae?

Mostly importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with your gynae. He or she will be caring for an important and private part of your body. Hence, choose a specialist who can put you at ease so that you can entrust him/her to take good care of you.

We hope the 8 tips above are helpful in your journey to find your ObGyn. Learn more about our network of specialists here and our islandwide clinic locations here.

If you know a girlfriend looking for a gynae, don’t forget to share this guide and the tip(s) you found most helpful!

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