How Does Our Lifestyle Affect Breast Cancer Risk?

Oct 2019 Breast

Contributed by: Dr Anthony Tang

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There are some risk factors such as genetics and age that cannot be changed when it comes to breast cancer. However, not adopting a healthy lifestyle can also increase your risk of breast cancer. Dr Anthony Tang from The Breast Clinic shares some tips on how you can lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

1. Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits

The first step to having a healthy and well-balanced diet is to look after your body in a holistic way. Your diet should not specifically aim to prevent a particular type of cancer but should be about improving your overall well-being.

Dr Tang shares these tips on how you can have an overall healthy diet without having to partake in extreme diets:

I. Incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet

Most diets recommend eating more fruits and vegetables but something that is often overlooked is the variety. Along with eating more fruits and vegetables, you should also eat fruits and veggies in different colours.

II. Changing your method of cooking food

While deep frying food yields the most delicious taste, it is also the least healthy. Healthier methods of preparing food include steaming and pan-frying. You could also grill your food once in a while.

III. Increasing your daily nut intake

Nuts are often missing in most ladies’ diets. They are a great addition and complement fruits and vegetables. Any types of nuts, from walnuts to almonds are good for you.

IV. Reducing your daily meat intake

On average, the general consumption of meat is too high. Dr Tang suggests decreasing meat intake regardless of the type of meat. The recommended daily intake is a portion that is the size of your palm.

2. Leading a More Active Lifestyle

In our modern-day lifestyle, many ladies lack exercise. While some might think that exercise means engaging in strenuous activities daily, exercise can include brisk walking, swimming, tennis, yoga or pilates just to name a few. Any activity that you enjoy and keeps you active, is ideal.

3. Reducing Stress

These days, stress is quite common among many ladies. It could be stress from work or home but regardless, it is a major contributor to poor health. Dr Tang shares these tips on how you can alleviate the stress you might experience.

  • Spend time with your friends
  • Share about your stress with family/loved ones
  • Practise meditation

If you are less stressed, more active and have a healthy, balanced diet, your lifestyle will improve and therefore decreases your chances of getting breast cancer.

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Dr Anthony Tang, is a breast oncoplastic surgeon who looks after many breast conditions ranging from infections during or after pregnancy, to other conditions such as breast lumps, breast pain and breast discharge.

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