Tips on Delivering Babies Over the Festive Periods

Dec 2018 Pregnancy

Contributed by: Dr Watt Wing Fong

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Christmas is around the corner and for some pregnant mummies, their Babies too! 👶🎊

Hear from our Obgyn specialist, Dr Watt Wing Fong, who has delivered 1000’s of babies over 15 years on some interesting stories and tips on delivering babies over the festive periods!

Learn what it’s like to deliver during Christmas, and the thrill of pushing out the first newborn in Singapore at the stroke of midnight for New Year. And if your EDD happens to fall during a festive period, see Dr Watt’s advice for you.


About Author
Dr Watt Wing Fong has a strong passion for the care of pregnant patients, and is experienced in the management of medical disorders in pregnancy and peripartum care. Her love for obstetrics stretches into her previous involvement in the development of guidelines and protocols for labour wards, as well as the training of labour ward nurses. She also shares her knowledge about pregnancy care to the general public through talks, forums and media engagements.


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