4 CNY Foods Mummies Should Know

Jan 2020 Pregnancy

Contributed by: Dr Watt Wing Fong

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With Chinese New Year around the corner and all our favourite festive indulgences in sight, we asked Dr Watt Wing Fong from The Obstetrics & Gynaecology Centre on 4 Chinese new year foods that pregnant mummies often ask if they are allowed to eat. So if you’re a pregnant mommy, read on!

1. Pineapple Tarts During Pregnancy

Pineapple Tarts
Good news for mummies who are pineapple tart lovers! These new year delights are safe to be consumed during pregnancy. However, as pineapple tarts are high in calories,it is recommended that pregnant mummies exercise some constraint in order to keep their weight in check. For women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, they may have to give pineapple tarts and other Chinese new year treats a miss due to the high sugar content.

2. Steamboat During Pregnancy

Steamboat is a mainstay for many Chinese families’ reunion dinners, but some pregnant moms may wonder if steamboat is safe for pregnancy as it’s communal-style dining. Dr Watt assures that pregnant mums can enjoy their steamboat dining experience, thanks to the high temperature used in hotpot.

Thus, any bacteria in the food will be killed by the heat. Do remember to make sure your food is well-cooked and also use a different set of cutlery to handle raw food so as to prevent contamination of your cooked food.

3. Can Chinese Tea be Drunk During Pregnancy?

Chinese Tea
Chinese tea is often a popular beverage option during CNY to wash down all that festive food.
Mummies might wonder if they can drink Chinese tea, as some say that tea is “cooling”. However, from a western medicine point of view, the other concern would be the amount of caffeine in tea.

Pregnant mummies should watch the amount of caffeine they consume. A healthy daily limit would be up to 200mg of caffeine, which is approximately 4 cups of Chinese tea (oolong).

4. Yu Sheng During Pregnancy

Yu Sheng
While Yu Sheng is a favourite during CNY, it is not suitable for pregnant moms due to the raw fish, which can contain parasites. However, pregnant mummies can still enjoy vegetarian Yu Sheng that does not contain raw fish as long as the raw vegetables are washed thoroughly to get rid of the pesticides.

We hope these food tips can help all our pregnant mummies navigate their diet choices during this upcoming festive period and we would like to wish all families a Happy Chinese New Year.


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